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a service business owner struggling to gain more clients and be more visible

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I'm Ginny

I have a bachelor in Psychology and Master’s degree in marketing with 10 years experience working for global companies.

In March 2020 I got put on furlough, so I built an Instagram account from scratch with 0 followers and 0 clients. Within just two months I had a coaching business up and running and by July I was able to quit my well paid Marketing job.

In September 2020 I booked out my 1:1 coaching programme until 2021 and sold out my Group coaching programme in just 3 days, all that through Instagram stories only. 

I was also making over $10K per month with less than 10K followers.

hey everyone

I'm Laura

I have an MBA in International Business Management and worked in Sales & Marketing for 5 years. Lockdown hit & during furlough I decided to share my marketing knowledge on Instagram instead.

I built a coaching business from scratch, within 2 weeks I had my first 5 beta clients and shortly after I was making over $5K monthly after only 2 months in business. This was with a dead lifestyle account that had shockingly low engagement!

After a difficult pivot from a lifestyle to a business account, I turned my Instagram around and eventually I was growing up to 1200 followers PER DAY!

I quit my job in July 2020 to go full-time into my business.
Within 5 months of starting my coaching business, my 1:1 services were sold out months in advance and I scaled to those holy $10K months.

We met on Instagram in April 2020 and connected instantly, after months of supporting one another we decided to join forces and created Elle Synergy.

We launched our first online Academy together in January - IBA which was a massive success! 

In just 3 months Elle Synergy became a multiple 6-figure business!

Elle Synergy

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 IBA student wins...